Dress Hanger

Dress Hanger

Using a dress hanger is similar to using a shirt hanger, but with a few additional considerations due to the different structure of dresses:

  1. Prepare the hanger: Ensure the dress hanger is clean and free of any dirt or debris.

  2. Open the dress: Unzip or unbutton the dress completely. If it has any delicate embellishments or straps, handle them gently to avoid damage.

  3. Insert the hanger: Slide the dress onto the hanger, positioning the hanger's shoulders at the edge of the dress's shoulder seams. Be mindful of any straps or sleeves, making sure they are properly aligned.

  4. Support the bodice: For dresses with a structured bodice or delicate detailing, consider using padded hangers or tissue paper to provide additional support and prevent stretching or distortion.

  5. Smooth out wrinkles: As you place the dress on the hanger, smooth out any wrinkles or folds. Pay attention to the hemline and any pleats or gathers to ensure they hang evenly.

  6. Button or zip up (optional): If the dress has buttons or a zipper, you can choose to fasten them to help the dress maintain its shape while hanging.

  7. Hang the dress: Once the dress is properly positioned on the hanger, hang it in your closet or wardrobe by placing the hanger's hook onto the closet rod or hook.

  8. Final adjustments: Step back and inspect the dress to ensure it hangs evenly and smoothly on the hanger. Make any necessary adjustments to prevent wrinkles or creases.

By following these steps, you can effectively use a dress hanger to store your dresses neatly and maintain their shape between wearings.

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