Plastic Clip Hangers

Plastic Clip Hangers

Clip hangers, also known as pants hangers or skirt hangers, are useful for organizing and hanging various types of clothing items. Here's how you can use them:

  1. Open the hanger: Start by opening the clip hanger fully so that it's ready to receive your clothing item.

  2. Prepare the clothing item: If you're hanging pants or a skirt, make sure it's straightened out and any wrinkles are smoothed. For delicate fabrics, you might want to place a cloth or tissue paper between the clothing item and the clips to prevent marks or damage.

  3. Position the clothing item: Place the waistband of the pants or the waist of the skirt between the clips of the hanger. Make sure it's centered and evenly distributed to avoid the garment slipping off.

  4. Secure the clips: Once the clothing item is in position, gently close the clips on the hanger to secure it in place. Be careful not to clamp down too hard, especially on delicate fabrics, to avoid causing damage.

  5. Hang the hanger: Once your clothing item is securely attached to the clip hanger, you can hang it in your closet or on a clothing rack like you would with any other hanger.

  6. Adjust as needed: If the clothing item doesn't hang quite right, you can adjust the position of the clips on the hanger to ensure a better fit and proper hanging.

Clip hangers are versatile and can be used for various clothing items, including pants, skirts, shorts, and even some types of tops. Just make sure to use them gently to avoid damaging your clothes.

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