Shoulder Guards

Shoulder Guards


Using shoulder guards in a dry cleaner is a common practice to protect the shoulders of garments from creasing or getting misshapen during the cleaning process. Here's how you can use shoulder guards effectively:

  1. Select the appropriate size: Ensure that you have shoulder guards that fit the size of the garment you are cleaning. Shoulder guards come in various sizes to accommodate different clothing sizes.

  2. Identify the shoulder area: Lay the garment flat on a clean surface and identify the shoulder area where you want to place the guards.

  3. Insert the shoulder guards: Slide the shoulder guards into the shoulders of the garment. They usually have a curved shape that mimics the natural curve of human shoulders.

  4. Secure in place: Once the shoulder guards are inserted, make sure they are sitting securely in the shoulders of the garment. They should not be loose or sliding around.

  5. Proceed with the cleaning process: Now that the shoulder guards are in place, you can proceed with the dry cleaning process as usual. The guards will help maintain the shape of the shoulders and prevent creasing or misshaping during cleaning.

  6. Remove the shoulder guards: After the cleaning process is complete, carefully remove the shoulder guards from the garment. Check to make sure there are no wrinkles or creases in the shoulder area before returning the garment to the customer or storing it.

Using shoulder guards is a simple yet effective way to ensure that delicate garments maintain their shape and appearance during the dry cleaning process.

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