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EcoSolv® fluid is 100% biodegradable. Its lower vapor pressure means that you will lose less solvent to evaporation, resulting in cost savings in your operation. The cleaning power of Chevron Phillips Chemical’s EcoSolv® fluid has been tested by a major detergent manufacturer.* Their results show that switching from other Class IIIA hydrocarbon solvents to EcoSolv fluid will not change the cleaning performance of your system. EcoSolv® fluid is essentially odorless, reducing the need for deodorizers. Your customers will appreciate how clean and fresh their garments smell when you use EcoSolv® in place of other Stoddard solvents. EcoSolv® fluid mixes readily with most drycleaning additives that are used with hydrocarbon drycleaning solvents. Dye and soil transfer during the drycleaning operation are minimized when EcoSolv® fluid is used with both anionic and cationic detergent formulations. This translates to cleaner garments for your customers. EcoSolv® fluid drying time is identical to that of two competing high flash solvents tested. Upon switching to EcoSolv drycleaning fluid, your garment processing time should remain the same as with the other hydrocarbon solvents.


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1 Item(s)