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7% Fabric Softener(128 oz), Katana Chemicals

7% Fabric Softener(128 oz), Katana Chemicals

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7% Fabric Softener is a general purpose fabric softener that leaves clothes and fabrics soft and fluffy. It will also neutralize any alkaline residues left behind by the laundry detergent. 7% Fabric Softener will leave your wash with a clean fresh scent, neutral PH, and reduced static cling. Lemon Fragrance.

1 oz per 25lb load

Directions: Always consult fabric/garment manufacturer's washing directions before use. Normal load size will call for 1 fluid ounce per full 25 pound wash load. Add to rinse water, not directly on fabrics. If using an automatic softener dispenser, pour in and add water to keep clean and avoid spotting. Rinse dispenser periodically. If spotting appears on fabrics/clothes, dampen fabric with water, rub with miled soap, rinse and rewash. 

**Please call 310-679-8800 for orders greater than 4 gallons. Prices and shipping subject to change, depending on quantity. Speak with Sales Representative for best rates, including shipping.**

7% Fabric softnener is not for use on children's sleeepwear or other fabrics labeled flame resistant as it may reduce flame resistance.*

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