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Amyl Acetate(1gal/4gal)- Southern CA Only

Amyl Acetate(1gal/4gal)- Southern CA Only

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Amyl Acetate helps dissolve stains helps dissolve stains that usually aren't dissolved by other dry-side agents. It is safe on most dyes, but not with prolonged contact on all prints and surface designs and will not damage fibers. On large and difficult stains, it may be necessary to use repeated applications. It can be used prior to dry cleaning and flushed from the fabric with solvent . Re-cleaning after flushing on the board is advisable when large amounts are used in spotting.

Amyl acetate dissolves polystyrene plastic products, such as glues & adhesives(construction adhesive, liquid nails); lacquers and polyurethane stains and finishes; some nail polishes and paint and and adhesive stains- especially in combination with P.O.G. Amyl Acetate is also effective on correction fluids such as Liquid Paper; most candle waxes and gums.

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