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Diamond Chemical Company Inc.

DIAMOND Deluxe Instant Laundry Starch, 50lb bag

DIAMOND Deluxe Instant Laundry Starch, 50lb bag

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Create a crisp finish with this super concentrated powdered starch. Adds stiffness and body to fabrics while protecting fabrics from stains.

DIAMOND DELUXE INSTANT STARCH is a pre-cooked, completely lubricated, non-sticking instant starch. This starch contains a blend of starches, combined and pre-gelatinized, then dried and ground into a fine granular powder. Diamond Deluxe Instant Starch can be used in all starching operations where a dry-to-the-wheel starch is desired. Diamond Deluxe Instant Starch is effective on all cotton fabrics and dispenses quickly at cool to medium temperatures. Use this product in shirt laundries and laundering of flat work, uniform rentals, etc. and anywhere cottons are being washed. Penetrating evenly and rapidly, Diamond Deluxe Instant Starch does not need cooking, providing a luxurious finish on cotton fabrics.

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