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Katana Laundry Sour(1 gal/4 gal)

Katana Laundry Sour(1 gal/4 gal)

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Laundry Sour can be added during the  final rinse cycle of  to lower the pH of the water and to assist with the removal of detergent residues. Contains optical brighteners that restore the vibrancy of both whites and colors, while water conditioning agents prevent dulling and graying.
  • Neutralizes Alkaline Residues
  • Non-Corrosive Sour
  • Softens fabric
  • Conditions Laundry

Directions: 2-10 Oz per 50 lbs. load. Add Laundry Sour during rinse cycle with quantities sufficient to achieve a pH of 6-8. 

**Please call 310-679-8800 for orders greater than 4 gallons. Prices and shipping subject to change, depending on quantity. Speak with Sales Representative for best rates, including shipping.**

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