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Premium Powder Laundry Detergent(50 lbs.)

Premium Powder Laundry Detergent(50 lbs.)

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A heavy-duty, super concentrated non caustic laundry detergent excellent for cleaning both synthetic and natural fabrics. Formulated for use in industrial application for washing uniforms, towels, rags, and other heavily soiled fabrics.

Katana's Premium Powder Soap provides maximum cleaning performance over a broad temperature range and is ideal for use in hotels, industrial and institutional laundry. Will not harm any water washable fabric. Safe for use in colors and contains wetting agents, phosphates, optical brighteners and conditioners to maintain a fresh and sharp appearance.

Usage Dilution:
20 lbs or less : 2-6oz
20 lbs-50 lbs:8-16oz
50 lbs- 100 lbs : 16 -24 oz

**Please call 310-679-8800 for volume orders. Prices and shipping subject to change, depending on quantity**

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