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Proteen (1gal/4gal), Stamford Protein and Blood Remover,

Proteen (1gal/4gal), Stamford Protein and Blood Remover,

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A fast-acting, quick-rinsing wet side spotting chemical for blood, egg, milk, and all other protein stains derived from animals or humans.

Directions: Apply full strength, work gently with spatula or brush and flush with steam or water. Dry the wetted area or apply LEVELOL solution prior to drycleaning. It is always good practice to test the spotting procedure on an unexposed area of the garment before working the spot itself. Water soluble inks or dye stains in the reds may be removed by applying PROTEEN and then TRIK Should a color change occur with PROTEEN, it may be restored by neutralizing with TRIK

**Please call (310)679-8800 for orders greater than 4 gallons. Prices and shipping subject to change, depending on quantity. Speak with Sales Representative for best rates, including shipping.**

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