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PSR-II 12.5 oz. can -Southern CA Only

PSR-II 12.5 oz. can -Southern CA Only

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Powdered Dry Cleaning fluid designed to easily remove oil and grease stains without harming delicate fibers. Does not contain any chlorinated solvents. PSR II has a low odor, will not "ring" and dries quickly. Use on silk, stain, cotton, wool, taffeta, polyester, blends and all other fabrics. Great for removing" rings' and "circles" left by liquid spot removers.

Instructions: Shake well before using. Hold can upright 8-10 inches from surface and spray soiled area. Allow to dry thoroughly until white powder forms. Brush off. Reapply for difficult stains. Not designed for water and acid based stains.  

***This item cannot ship outside Sothern, CA***

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