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Economy Powder Laundry Soap (50 lbs.)

Economy Powder Laundry Soap (50 lbs.)

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Concentrated Economy Powder Soap is an economical general purpose laundry detergent suitable for use in all types of washers. It is designed to get clothes, towels, sheets and other household-type fabrics clean. Our powder soap is a low foaming formulation that can be used in today’s High Efficiency Washing Machines. 
  •  Cleans everyday Soils with Ease
  •  Phosphate-Free Formulation
  •  Biodegradable
  •  Low Sudsing

Contains: Synthetic Detergents - Water Softeners - Soil Suspending Agents - Fabric Brighteners 

Directions for Automatic and Manual Washing:

  • 2oz. for normal loads -
  • 4oz. for heavy loads  

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