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Paint.Oil.Grease Remover(1gal /4gal), Stamford P.O.G.

Paint.Oil.Grease Remover(1gal /4gal), Stamford P.O.G.

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A fast, effective spot remover for paint, varnish, grease, oil and lipstick. P.O.G. is compatible with all detergent systems and is safe on most fabrics.

Drycleaning: Apply P.O.G. full strength to stain on dry garment. Work with spatula or tamp with spotting brush. Avoid steaming. Clean immediately or flush with volatile solvent and feather with air.                                                                                           

Laundry: Mix P.O.G. with an equal amount of water. Apply to stain. Brush. Wash garment before spotter dries.

**Please call (310)679-8800 for orders greater than 4 gallons. Prices and shipping subject to change, depending on quantity. Speak with Sales Representative for best rates, including shipping.*

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