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Diamond Chemical Company Inc.

Super Brite- II(55 lbs.)

Super Brite- II(55 lbs.)

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Super Brite II is an alkaline built, biodegradable detergent containing a dual phase cleaning system which covers a wide range of soils and fabrics. Super Brite II also has a combination of anti-redeposition agents. It is a concentrated and effective washing product. Super Brite II is effective on grease and oil based stains. It has a controlled alkalinity and buffering agent that prevents re-deposition. Super Brite II prevents tensile strength loss of fabrics because it is oil buffered. It is loaded with brighteners that work with bleach to produce whiteness and brightness. Super Brite II will work effectively in a wide range of temperatures. It is effective in soft or hard water.

**Please call 310-679-8800 for volume orders. Prices and shipping subject to change, depending on quantity**

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