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Utility Press Pads

Utility Press Pads

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Our Press Pads and Covers are hand-made in the USA of the best materials around for breathability and longevity. All 5 layers are breathable, exchanging the steam and vacuum in 6 seconds! 
  • The Royal Blue fibers never close-up upon the high heat of the steam from the press throughout the lifetime of the pad.
  • Thick resilient foam adds cushion and insulation. It absorbs impressions from pockets, buttons and zippers but does not retain moisture.
  • Special flannel layer prevents the pad from drying up and cracking. It also gives a continuous transfer of steam and vacuum.
  • The mesh bottom layer transfers the heat instantly and uniformly on the entire surface of the pad.
  • The bottom cloth is a heavy and resilient heat transfer material.

The FS-18 model is 42” and 45", long; made for a variety of Ajax/American model presses. 



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